Four Cultural Corners of the Puerto Rican Flag

Puerto Rico culture is not just about the Puerto Rican flag. It is also definitely more than Menudo and Ricky Martin. As in its people and culture, this country represents a successful blend of different cultures in one island location in the Caribbean. The mix of local and international influence surely had an effect on this island’s evolution from the old days.

When the Spaniards first came to Puerto Rico, it was teeming with the native Taino population. The Spaniards fully took control of the island and made the Tainos their laborers. As the years passed, the Taino people population sloughed off mainly due to disease. During this time, the slaves from Africa were brought in to support the labor requirements of the island’s colonizers.

North America, more specifically the United States, started to exert its influence over this country after the Spanish-American War in 1898. Along with other Spanish territories, Puerto Rico ended up with the Americans through the Treaty of Paris signed by the two warring nations after the cessation of hostilities. The entry of the United States gave Puerto Rico its fourth cultural influence. The US, similar to what it did to the other Spanish territories, gave Puerto Rico much of its needed government structure and gave it the means to deliver public services that enabled development of the island.

In terms of obvious cultural influences, the Spaniards gave this country its language and much of its cuisine. As far as musical influence is concerned, the Africans and their drums ended up in the musical genre of bomba. Musically speaking, the Taino people left their legacy of instruments like the Guicharo and the widely popular Maracas. The United States, through their establishment of schools, introduced baseball, English and even influenced local cuisine. Four cultures in one island. That is Puerto Rico for you.

How To Get Rid of Herpes  Symptoms and Live a Normal Life

Let me tell you right off the bat that you cannot get rid of genital herpes. It is caused by a sexually transmitted virus that once contracted, stays in the body for life. Usually, the disease lies dormant but lifestyle factors such as stress or improper diet can cause an outbreak leading to the emergence of blisters which has become the trademark of the disease. Prior to the outbreak, a person with genital herpes may experience flu-like symptoms and an itching and burning sensation in the groin area.

Even if you cannot get rid of herpes, being diagnosed with the disease does not mean the end of the world. Many people with herpes are still able to live normal lives. Their secret? A healthy, stress-free lifestyle centered around a healthy diet and plenty of exercise.

Like most diseases caused by a virus, genital herpes is a disease that is affected by a person’s lifestyle. As mentioned earlier, outbreaks can be triggered by stress and other lifestyle factors. So the trick, therefore, is to avoid having outbreaks by ensuring that you live a stress-free lifestyle as much as possible. There are a lot of ways to avoid stress. You can go on frequent vacations, meditate, eat a balanced diet and workout regularly. All of these things can significantly take away the stress in your life.

Don’t let herpes ruin your quality of life. Even if you cannot get rid of genital herpes there are things that you can do to be able to avoid outbreaks and live a healthy normal life despite having the disease.